Beginner Training Tips

by Alan Ley

Many of you want to try the fast paced exciting sport of triathlon and enjoy the benefits of triathlon training. The SharkFest Triathlon offers a perfect goal for athletes or beginners switching to triathlon training and racing. Below are a few tips for those new to swimming, cycling and running.

  • Work on specificity, techniques and your triathlon run, swim and cycling skills. Running after swimming and cycling is different than you may be used to. Make the workout triathlon specific with ‘brick workouts’ or bike to run. An example brick would be –20 to 30 minutes of cycling followed immediately by a 1 to 2 mile run. Schedule one or two brick sessions a week and gradually increase your intensity over time.
  • Allow time for recovery and adaptation. You are in great shape for running but the added stress of bricks, swimming and cycling add up. Plan for quality rest and allow your body time to adapt to the new movement and added overload. Recovery is as important as hard training.
  • Planning your triathlon training program becomes difficult with the added dimensions of two more sports. You’ll need to eliminate unnecessary workouts and replace them with specific/key sessions designed with a purpose. Spend time developing the discipline(s) you have the opportunity to improve in the most. For example, a runner could maintain their running with 3-4 runs a week and focus on swim or bike sessions in specific training periods. Don’t try to improve in more than one sport at a time when starting.
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